Throughout the years the CRE will have made several stops and will have helped more than 100 companies, set up interconnected startup communities to create a catalyst for businesses across the province.


Innovation and entrepreneurship are related by the same concern for creativity. “In 2018, it is expected that Quebec will have 25,200 fewer entrepreneurs, which represents a 13,9% decline. The number of entrepreneurs will go from 180,800 entrepreneurs to 155,600 in 2018. It is time for a true transnational movement, a catalyst for the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Equipping these young adults with the tools to start their own businesses and developing the connections necessary for the younger generation in an intergenerational cooperation is the path to follow to build a prosperous Quebec.

The greatest challenge for an entrepreneur is to reunite three essential elements: access to expertise, financing and a well-established network. The Caravane Régionale de l’Entrepreneuriat follows this objective and puts these three elements at the disposition of the creative and active youth of the province.


Innovation and entrepreneurship are key elements of a competitive strategy and the core of Quebec’s economy.

Unlike creation, innovation implies a new product or service which often includes a technological aspect. It is based on existing products, services and processes to which it adds a new aspect which, in turn, improves its use and allows a new form of commercialization.

Innovation is rarely a one-person job. It is a collective effort that creates new things or ideas. In this context, the CRE assembles actors with innovation at the forefront of technology, experts and investors that will allow innovations to emerge from these innovative projects.


SMEs represent 99% of Quebec’s industrial and commercial picture and recruits 65% of employees from the private sector.

Building an entrepreneurial culture and a serious start-up movement are the two main factors that pushed the RJCCQ to act with the help of members from its network.

The entrepreneurial ecosystem needs a catalyst to exchange between all parties and young entrepreneurs. A national movement of innovation, creation, and entrepreneurial education on the how-to start your own business is a priority to ensure Quebec’s future.

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À propos du RJCCQ

Depuis 25 ans, le Regroupement des jeunes chambres de commerce du Québec (RJCCQ) soutient un réseau de jeunes chambres de commerce et d’ailes jeunesse à travers le Québec, représentant plus de 10000 jeunes professionnels, cadres, travailleurs autonomes et entrepreneurs, âgés de 18 à 40 ans et compte parmi ses rangs neuf organisations issues des communautés culturelles.

La Caravane régionale de l’entrepreneuriat est financée par le Secrétariat à la jeunesse.
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