Fostering an entrepreneurial culture

Quebec’s economy relies on our youth’s dynamism and a positive image of entrepreneurship. The best way of creating a generation of entrepreneurs is to reveal the endless possibilities of self-realization and self-employment, to simplify and help starting a business and to give them tools to take a leap into entrepreneurship.

To stimulate innovation

This is the key to a successful Quebec. The next generation must be ready to bounce back and to innovate. It is essential to give them the tools to allow them to express their views of the future and to build it accordingly.

Give the next generation of entrepreneurs tools to start their business faster

Quebec’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is at a dead-end. There are endless possibilities for the future but they have yet to be developed. However, a network needs to be built. The ingredients to revitalize our economy by sector and by region need to be combined to propel the ecosystem. The national start-up movement relies on many ingredients including: creating start-up communities, incubators and accelerators, experts’ advice and a strong collaborative network.

Connecting the startup ecosystem

Creating a start-up community network across the province is the safest way to assure the sustainability of the start-up dynamic and to connect regions amongst themselves. With exchanges and cooperation, we will be able to develop an open ecosystem, always collaborating and leading to a successful future.

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À propos du RJCCQ

Depuis 25 ans, le Regroupement des jeunes chambres de commerce du Québec (RJCCQ) soutient un réseau de jeunes chambres de commerce et d’ailes jeunesse à travers le Québec, représentant plus de 10000 jeunes professionnels, cadres, travailleurs autonomes et entrepreneurs, âgés de 18 à 40 ans et compte parmi ses rangs neuf organisations issues des communautés culturelles.

La Caravane régionale de l’entrepreneuriat est financée par le Secrétariat à la jeunesse.
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